Priority Bands

When you register for housing as a transfer applicant or Homeseeker, your application will be assessed by your housing association or council. You will be placed in one of the priority bands described below. If you disagree with your priority band, you can ask the council or housing association, which holds your registration details, to review the banding decision. To do this, please put your reasons for a band review in writing to your council or housing association.

It will help if you read your council’s Allocation Policy and can state which band reason applies to you and why. You can find the Allocation Policy on your council’s website – or ask them to send you a copy using the contact details tab on the left of this web page.

When bids are considered for advertised properties, priority will be given to eligible bids from people in the highest priority band. If people from the same priority band bid for the same property, we will consider first those with a local connection and the earliest priority date. Some applicants in band A and B have a limited time for bidding. We will tell you in advance if this applies to you.

If your priority band is increased at any stage, your priority date will be the date you went into the higher priority band. If you move back to a lower band, your priority date will usually revert to your original registration date in that lower band.

The four priority bands are explained below. You will be told the exact reason you've been placed in a band when you are given your Homemove number. For more detailed information please contact your local council for a copy of their Allocation Policy.

Band A

Emergency, urgent priority to move.

Band B

High housing need.

Band C

Identified housing need.

Band D

People with no identified housing need but who still want to register are placed in this band.

A   A   A


Web Bidding on cycle 333 will begin at 4pm on Thursday 19 April 2018

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Please note that as from 15th January 2018 Affinity Sutton became known as Clarion Housing. New properties are advertised under the new name.