IMPORTANT:information on benefit changes

There are some benefit changes which might affect you if you will be under 35 on 1 April 2018. If you are single, under 35 and claim benefits towards your housing, there may be a deduction from your benefit after this date.

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Affinity Sutton

Please note that as from 15th January 2018 Affinity Sutton became known as Clarion Housing. New properties are advertised under the new name.

Affordable Rented Properties

The Government has introduced a new and more flexible form of social housing, known as Affordable Rent, which is offered by housing associations on some of the properties advertised in Homemove. These properties are advertised with rents set at no more than 80% of the local market rent. Tenants who bid and are successful on these types of properties are offered a flexible tenancy which lasts for a minimum of five years.

Please make sure you look carefully at the advert before you bid to see what type of tenancy is being offered. If you have any questions about a property you should contact the landlord of the property directly.

Click here for additional information about how Affordable Rent properties are let in Mid Sussex.

Brighton & Hove City Council

Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act 2011 makes it a statutory duty for each local authority to produce and publish a strategic Tenancy Strategy that will guide providers of social housing in development of their Tenancy Policies.

A Tenancy Strategy must set out a framework for providers of social housing (housing associations and councils) informing them of what local authority’s expect them to have “regard to” when developing their respective tenancy policies in the following areas:

  • the type of tenancies they will grant (fixed term or lifetime)
  • the circumstances under which they may grant one type of tenancy and not the other
  • the length of fixed term tenancies and when they may either be extended or terminated

The Brighton & Hove Tenancy Strategy also considers the new Affordable Rents that have been introduced by the Government to support the development of new social housing and how we can make sure they remain genuinely affordable.

THe full document is available to read below:

Tenancy Strategy 2013

Brighton & Hove's local lettings policy for Sheltered Housing schemes

In line with Brighton and Hove’s Local Lettings Plan for Sheltered schemes, first priority to move will be given to existing tenants within the same scheme; and second priority will be given to existing tenants who are living in another Brighton and Hove Sheltered scheme.

If you would like to discuss this or would like to speak to someone about Sheltered Housing in the city please call the Sheltered Housing Team on 01273 293255.

Clarion Housing

Starter Tenancies

Clarion Housing offer all new tenants a Starter Tenancy for 12 months. During this time extra support is given and if the tenancy is conducted satisfactorily it will be converted to a permanent Assured Tenancy.

Housing and Care options for older people in East Sussex

Click here for a guide to services in East Sussex that can help older people live more comfortably or independently at home, and the options available to those who decide to move in later life. It is written for older people who rent their current homes as well as those who are owner-occupiers, regardless
of their income or savings.

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Please note that as from 15th January 2018 Affinity Sutton became known as Clarion Housing. New properties are advertised under the new name.